I just received my first success EVER, when it comes to getting autographs through the mail. I sent out a card to Mariano Rivera and Mark McGwire, a little while ago, and just received the Mark McGwire back.
Mark McGwire Auto. Card.JPG
Here’s a closer look at the autograph itself:
I hope to receive the Mariano Rivera back sometime this week, so stay tuned….

Also, the tickets for the June 21st Reds Vs. Yankees game came in the mail today. Can’t wait to go. (The game is EXACTLY 3 months from today!) Happy Spring.


I never did recieve the an autograph back from Mo. Or even the card, for that matter.


That’s pretty cool!!! I sent away for a Clint Eastwood and got it back.

—Mark Gauthier

Clint Eastwood?🙂 AWESOME!

Shame that because of the steriods Mark McGwire is worthless to collectors. Even his rookie card isn’t worth as much due to the big * that is beside all his records and aren’t counted. Plus he will never be in the hall of fame.

I don’t think it’s completely worthless, but yes, the steroid use does hurt the “value.” Value in quotes because I never sell any autograph I get back through the mail.

Did you send it to Cardinals or to his house.

I sent it to Cardinals Spring Training last year.

Hi glad to hear you were able to get Mark Mcgwires autograph, how did you get it.
Did you send a card to his home. Steve Lynch

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