Chris Rose Beard?

If you watch Intentional Talk you know EXACTLY where this question comes from. If not, then it probably doesn’t make any sense.

Vote whether or not you think Chris Rose is capable of growing a beard. I’ll tally up the votes sometime in the near future.



rose can grow a beard he has to be clean shaven for fox.
he’s 40 he should be able to. Millar is 40 on the 24th. way to rock that goatee 15.

Agreed. Still, fun to joke about.🙂

it is fun when Millar and Rose joke with each other. They know they don’t mean
it. Rose makes fun of Millar and his sleeveless shirts.😛 I like Rose’s
vertical striped shirts.🙂

Haha, yeah. That’s one of the things that makes Intentional Talk SO great.

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