October 2011

No New Blog Entry Until Monday

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, and although I’ll have Internet access I don’t plan on blogging again until I get home. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely shutting out baseball from my weekend. As a matter of fact, I don’t plan on missing a single pitch from any of tomorrow and Saturday’s games. Just no blogging about it.

My Take on Last Nights ALCS and NLCS Games

Ranger Vs. Tigers-ALCS

The Tigers roar was reduced to a purr with last nights loss to the Rangers. A win would of tied the series up at two games a piece, giving the Tigers a great chance at coming back to win the series. But now, with the loss, tonights game is a win or go home game for Detroit.

With their ace on the mound, Justin Verlander, I’d say the chances of the Tigers pulling out a win tonight, and sending the series back to Texas down just three games to two, are pretty good. The only thing that could hurt the Tigers chances of winning tonight is the fact that the Rangers ace, C.J. Wilson, is also on the mound.

Although both Wilson and Verlander have had their good games and bad games this season, I feel that the Rangers have the advantage. Their hitters are getting hot, and their bullpen is great. A deadly combination when it comes to playoff baseball.

Cardinals Vs. Brewers-NLCS

The race for the NLCS title couldn’t be more exciting, and unpredictable. After the Brewers took game one in Milwaukee, the Cardinals rallied in game 2 to tie the series up at a game a piece. Game three, last night in St. Louis, was sure to be interesting. It was anyones game.

From the start of last nights game, it appeared that it was going to be all Cardinals. As if it was going to be another blowout win like the one that had occured the game before. The Cardinals scored four runs in the bottom of the first inning, and with their ace, Chris Carpenter, on the mound, it appeared as if the Brewers had no chance. But just half an inning later, in the top of the second, the Brewers scored two runs and were right back in the game down just 4-2.

Later, in the top of the third, the Brewers scored again off a solo home run by Mark Kotsay. The score was now 4-3. The Cardinals looked to be in trouble. But just as things began to look bad for the Cardinals, the tables turned, as the Brewers recieved all the bad luck, not getting a single hit after the fifth inning.

The hard throwing Jason Motte, got the save for the Cardinals. They now lead the series two games to one.

Fried Chicken Anyone?!?

I normally try to stick to writing no more than a single blog entry a day, but I just had to get my thoughts out about this. I’m guessing that you’ve already heard about what was occuring in the clubhouse of the Red Sox during some of last months games. If you haven’t heard, you’re in for a shock. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey spent the games that they weren’t pitching in, in the clubhouse chowing down on biscuits and fried chicken, drinking beer, and playing video games. (I at least hope it was MLB 11: The Show.)

Could all of that food and games have caused the Red Sox September demise? Well, maybe. But the behind the scenes eating and drinking, in the clubhouse, more than likely only partially caused the Red Sox playoffs chances to slowly vanish before their eyes. Terry Francona may have not of been fully focused on the prize, due to marital problems he had been having with his wife, Jacque. These marital problems, which ultimately caused Francona to move out and live in a hotel for most of the 2011 season, along with the pain medication he was taking, may have been enough to distract him for much of the season. When confronted about this by the Boston Gobe, Francona strongly denied the statements, saying:

It makes me angry that people say these things because I’ve busted my [butt] to be the best manager I can be. I wasn’t terribly successful this year, but I worked harder and spent more time at the ballpark this year than I ever did.

I kind of agree with Francona. I believe that he’s just as much of a professional as any manager in the game. I have a hard time believing that he would allow his personal problems to interfere greatly with his job as the Red Sox manager. No matter the case, Francona was fired as the manager of the Red Sox, on September 30th. Which leaves the question of: What’s next for the Red Sox?

With their star pitchers chowing down on junk food, and a manager position to fill what will happen to the Red Sox in the 2012 season? To make matters worse, their GM, Theo Epstein, is reportedly leaving the Sox for the Cubs. (20 million/5 years.) With no general manager, no manager, and star players acting like this is high school ball, do the Red Sox have any shot at success in the 2012 season?

My Take On ALCS Game 3

Last night’s game in Motown, between the Rangers and Tigers, was a must win for Detroit. Lose, and they’d find themselves three games down. Win, and they’d be right back in the ALCS. It was essentially, the most important game of the year for the Tigers.

Last night’s starting pitcher, Doug Fister, really proved himself. Through 7.1 innnings pitched he allowed only 2 runs, off of 7 hits. Truly remarkable. After last night it would appear that Justin Verlander isn’t the only Ace on the team.

As far as excitement goes, it was exciting because it was a playoff game that was a MUST win for the Tigers, but that’s really it. There were no lead changes with every inning. No walk off home run. Nothing out of the ordinary, to tell you the truth. I guess the most exciting part of the game was Jose Valverde’s celebration after getting the save. But even that wasn’t his best celebration ever. I don’t know. Maybe I expected a little something extra due to what was on the line for the Tigers.

FINAL SCORE: Tigers-5—Rangers-2

The Cardinals are back in St. Louis tonight to take on the Brewers. Tied at one game each, it’s really anyones series. Should be interesting to see what goes down.

Tonight also includes the Rangers taking on the Tigers again in Detroit. Will the Tigers even up the series? Or will the Rangers take a 3-1 lead with them back to Texas?

Should be a fun night of baseball.

My Take On Last Nights ALCS and NLCS Games

Rangers Vs. Tigers-ALCS

Here’s the situation: Bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th. Nelson Cruz at the plate. No outs. A deep fly ball to the outfield would win it for the Rangers, as there are no outs. More than likely, as the batter, Nelson Cruz was thinking: “Okay. Just make solid contact to send the ball to the outfield, so that the winning run can score.” (Like I said, that’s what he was probably thinking. I have no way to know for sure. He could of been thinking, “I’m gonna hit a grand slam”, for all I know.) Whatever was running through his head, his approach at the plate was flawless. EVERY pitch that he swung at, in last night’s bottom of the 11th at bat, he was right on. But the fourth pitch of the at bat was the one that he was on the most. As it was that pitch that he sent flying over the left field wall. Game over. Walk-off grand slam. The first walk-off grand slam in post season history.

This win over the Tigers brought the Rangers to a 2-0 lead in this championship series. Just two wins away from their second, consecutive, world series appearance. Truly an amazing feat.

Who knows? They might just be good enough to go all the way and win the World Series. We’ll all just have to wait to see how things play out.

Cardinals Vs. Brewers-NLCS

Last night’s blowout by the Cardinals proved that they don’t necessarily need a squirrel to win. All they really need, is for their star firstbasemen, Albert Pujols, to get hot; and did he ever. In last night’s 12-3 win against the Brewers, Albert went 4-5 with 5 RBI’s coming off of a home run and THREE doubles.

Albert’s performance in last night’s game raises the questions: Was this just a one night event? Did Albert just have a good night and the Brewers have a bad one? If you’re a Brewer’s fan, you’re hoping the answer to both questions is yes, that this was just a short lived streak of luck for Albert. Reason being, that if you look back to the past, whenever Albert has gotten hot, and stayed hot, he’s almost impossible to stop.

But it’s not just Albert. This entire Cardinal’s team is incredible. Overcoming the large wild card deficit they had in the early part of September to not only make the playoff’s, but to actually have success in them. Truly amazing.

Last night’s win by the Cardinal’s tied them with the Brewers at one game a piece for the series. They have off tonight as the teams travel to St. Louis for game three on Wednesday. Will the infamous squirrel make another appearance? Will Albert Pujols and the Cardinals continue you their amazing winning streak? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Make Your World Series Prediction

Who do you think is going to go all the way and win the World Series this season? Cast your vote below:

I’ll post the results after the World Series is over to compare your prediction to the actual outcome….


The poll is now closed, and here are the results:

Rangers- 44 votes (37%)

Cardinals- 33 votes (28%)

Brewers- 29 votes (25%)

Tigers- 12 (10%)

So nice job with your selections. The top two poll picks made it to the World Series.

Forgive Me For My Lack of Blog Entries

Has it really been over two weeks since I posted my last entry? If you answered yes, I apologize. If you answered no, go back and check again. The reason for the delay in entries is that my computer completely crashed, and I had to get a new one. The conversion process was extremely slow, and this is the first chance I’ve had to blog in quite a while. But, I’m planning to start back up with the blog tomorrow. I’m going to watch today’s games and give my thoughts, along with whatever else baseball related is on my mind, tomorrow. Then I’ll try to blog EVERY day after that. Again, I apologize for the delay. Things should get better starting tomorrow.

Now, remember all those Q and A entries that I wanted to get posted before the end of the regular season? Well, unless you have a time machine that I can borrow, it’s not possible for me to follow through on that. So, what I’m now planning to do is post them once baseball is over for good. I won’t have as much to blog about after the World Series ends, so I figured I’d post them then.