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Top 5 Players-2011 Update # 3

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post my regular Saturday entry today. (Storms in the area caused power outages.) But here it is:

Heath earned another save last night in Houston. That brings his career total to 94 career saves. Heath is still perfect when it comes to saves versus save opportunities. (3 for 3.) Heath is doing great. (The Padres are currently 6-8.)

Derek Jeter currently has 2,938 career hits. This puts him 62 hits away from the 3,000 hit mark. Jeter has gotten 5 hits in his past four games. This is a major improvement for Jeter since the start of the season. Jeter’s average is slowly starting to creep up. With a current average of .240. (The Yankees are currently 8-5.)

TIM LINCECUMLincecum’s most recent start wasn’t as impresive as his first two. He game up 3 runs and 6 hits over 5.1 innings. This brings his ERA for the season to 1.86. He has still only given up just 1 home run so far this year. (The Giants are currently 7-6.) Check out this great play Tim made in his last start.

Albert Pujols must of read my entry I wrote about him last Saturday, because he has started to get red hot. He has hit 3 home runs in his last 2 games. His average is currently .241. But I’m sure he’ll get it above .300 soon. (The Cardinals are currently 7-7.)

What can I say about Mo? I guess I could sum his pitching this year up in one word…..AWESOME. Mo is 6 for 6 is saves versus save opportunities. He is now up to 565 career saves. Just 37 away from passing Trevor Hoffman for the record.


  • Josh Hamilton injured his shoulder diving in to home plate on a “stupid” decision to run. He is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks.

  • Yesterday (April 15th) was Jackie Robinson day. Every player on every team wore the number 42 in honor of him. (Mariano Rivera put on the same uni.)

I’m planning on attending at least one Triple-A game sometime this week. So I’ll post a recap(with pictures) on here afterwards.

Top 5 Favorite Players-2011 Update # 2

Now that we are over two weeks into the 2011 baseball season, we are getting a better idea of how well our favorite players are performing. Here is update number 2 for my five favorite players:

Since my last update Heath has earned another save making his career total 93 saves. In the two innings he has pitched in this season, he has only allowed one hit. That is extremely good pitching folks. (The Padres are currently 3-2.)

Derek Jeter has gotten 4 more hits since my last update. This puts him at 6 hits on the year, and 2,932 for his career. This puts him ever so slightly closer to the 3,000 hit mark, with only 68 needed to do so. Although Jeter seems to be getting at least one hit a game recently, his average is still just .231. However I believe Jeter is going to lock in soon. (The Yankees are currently 4-3. Not including the outcome of today’s, currenly in progress, game against the Redsox.)

Tim has now allowed 1 earned run in his two starts, putting his ERA at .64. In his second game pitched he allowed just one run on a home run. But only one run allowed isn’t the main story. He struck out 13 Padres batters. That’s not a typo….THIRTEEN. Although he gave up the home run he still got the win. Tim’s record is now 1-1. (The Giants are currently 3-4.)

Albert still hasn’t locked in during his at bats. He is still having trouble getting hits, with his hits to at bats ratio being 5-28; or a .179 batting average, for those of you who don’t excell in math. Pujols has only hit one home run this year, putting his total still at 409 for his career. He better start improving soon, or the Cardinals may be in trouble this season without their best slugger doing just that…slugging. (The Cardinals are currently 2-5.)

Mariano Rivera is currently the most dominant closer in baseball. He’s gotten four saves in four attempts. This puts his career saves total at 563 saves. Only 39 saves away from the all time saves record. Rivera looks so great right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the save in every opportunity this season.


  • Manny Ramirez has decided to retire from baseball.

  • The Rays and the Red Sox finally got their first wins.

  • The Rangers continue their winning streak and are currently 6-0.

I’m still planning on doing one of these update entries EVERY Saturday of the season. So be sure to check back at LEAST every Saturday………


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